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Maj Gen Brett T. Williams, USAF, (Retired) is President of Operations, Training and Security at IronNet Cybersecurity Inc. Brett is a leader in developing operational cyberspace concepts, personnel training and exercise scenarios. His unique mix of technical expertise and executive leadership skills make him a thought leader in managing cyber-risk.

Meet Brett


Leadership In The Age of Cyberspace—Three-part Video Series

Leadership insights from Major General (Retired) Brett Williams, former Director of Operations U.S. Cyber Command


The Power Components of Leadership


Leading Change and Fighting For Feedback


Fighter Pilot To Cyber Expert—Good Leaders Can Lead Any Team

Brett Speaks The Language of Senior Leaders And Technical Professionals

Boards, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, small business owners and leaders at every level will benefit from Brett’s keynotes and training sessions. Each presentation is customized for your company and your target audience.

C-Suite Executives And Board Members
Brett is an experienced executive trainer who can help your senior leaders understand today’s cyber threats and the keys to managing cyber-risk in your company.

For CIOs and CISOs
How to make the case to the Board, understand cyber-risk oversight from the board’s perspective and gain support for key cyber defense investments

For Small Business Owners
Understand the cyber threat facing small and mid-sized business owners and how to target your investments to protect your business in cyberspace

Defending the Nation in Cyberspace
As business owners and as private citizens, we all rely on the U.S. Government to defend our interests against nation-state actors, terrorists and other advanced threat groups operating in cyberspace. The challenge is we do not understand what the government can or should do and it is hard to understand how we are to separate the hype from the things we should really be concerned about.

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Are You Navigating The CyberSecurity Highway The Right Way?

Brett’s Innovative Keynotes can help you address the cybersecurity issues that plague modern corporations.

The Money Problem

If we throw enough money at the problem we buy the right kind of security for our company, Right?

The Technology Problem

Upgrading Technology to the latest and greatest. How do we calculate Return on Investment when it comes to security tech for our company?

The Language Problem

Executives and Technical professionals talk in a different language. Period. Does anyone have the dictionary?

What Brett's Clients Are Saying.