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Keys to Better User Training

It is widely documented that users are the biggest vulnerability in our cybersecurity ecosystem.  Technical solutions and policy are all foundational and necessary, but a single careless user or a deliberate shadow IT practitioner can easily expose the business to serious threats.  As a result, companies

A Director’s Guide to Cybersecurity “Certification”

Boards get it, they need to exercise the same level of oversight regarding cybersecurity as they do with financial statements.  The difference is there is a well-developed set of standards governing financial accounting with associated audits and examinations.  The standards are not as well defined

Somebody has to kill the Archer!

President-elect Trump has stated that he is going to task the Joint Chiefs to come up with a plan to defend U.S. critical infrastructure in cyberspace.  That in turn has generated a number of opinion pieces and conversations lamenting the fact that the President-elect does

C’mon, is this as far as we have come?

So I just read another article about how boards and c-suites will begin to get serious about cybersecurity in 2017.  ( I am chagrined and frustrated by the fact we continue to make essentially the same three points year after year: Boards need to ensure