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Close the Technology Language Gap with Your Senior Leaders

Brett Williams’ keynotes empower his audience to ask the CIO and CISO tough questions, and more importantly, to understand the answers.

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Senior business leaders are being held accountable for managing cyber-risk in their companies.

Unfortunately, many executives do not feel comfortable with this responsibility due to their lack of technical background and their limited understanding of cyber.

Brett Williams keynote helps close the gap in language, perception and understanding between those charged with strategic business decisions and the people who have technical responsibility for cybersecurity in the company.

Brett has a unique ability to translate technical jargon into the language of senior executives.

Brett’s substantial experience with corporate boards and other groups of senior leaders has made him an expert at identifying the key cybersecurity issues for business leaders.

Each keynote is customized to the audience and includes a discussion of the current threat environment, costs associated with a breach, an executive primer on current cyber defense techniques and their shortfalls and suggestions on how to identify the essential elements of a good cyber defense program.

Every participant will walk out the door with three to four specific action items they can immediately implement when they get back to the company.

Brett was prepared, engaging, and extremely easy to work with leading up to the event

Brett was the keynote speaker at our second annual CIO Summit and the feedback could not have been better. Brett was prepared, engaging, and extremely easy to work with leading up to the event. He seemed to tailor his content to speak to the technological expertise of our audience, while including plenty of relevant takeaways for those in the public sector. Brett’s keynote session was the kickoff to our Cybersecurity theme, and his message fueled many conversations throughout the course of our event. It was an honor to have you with us, Brett! Thank you!

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