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China, Russia, North Korea and Iran–is the U.S. prepared for Cyber War?

The nation-state threat is a strategic threat to the United States, but it is also a threat to business in all sectors and it is a threat to us in our personal lives.

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What is the U.S. Government doing to protect the nation in cyberspace? Are we ready for a cyber war?

As the Director of Operations for U.S. Cyber Command, Brett was on the front lines of defending the nation in cyberspace.  His unique perspective from his time in the military, coupled with extensive private sector experience, gives him unique insights and perspective.

In this keynote Brett lays out the current threat posed by China, Russia, North Korea and Iran and explains how each of these countries has integrated cyber operations into their national strategy.  He explains how that strategy seeks to target our critical infrastructure, business at all levels, and individual citizens.

There are no more “away games.”  Our next strategic conflict will begin in cyberspace and it will hit close to home.  Let Brett explain what we need to do as a nation to be better prepared.

SolarWinds MSP was blown away by your presentation at our 2017 Empower MSP customer conference

SolarWinds MSP was blown away by your presentation at our 2017 Empower MSP customer conference. Your impressive knowledge on cybersecurity, applicable tips, and war stories—all with a bit of humor thrown into the mix—provided a wealth of extremely relevant information to our managed services provider customers. We cannot say enough good things and would highly recommend you!”

SolarWinds MSP

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