The Challenge:

Small business owners do not typically have an IT staff, much less can they call on the services of a CIO or CISO. Yet small businesses face the same array of cyber threats as do the largest banks on Wall Street. How can small business owners protect themselves?

The Solution:

Brett Williams keynote for small business owners focuses first on understanding the threat and why your small business could become a target of an adversary with fairly sophisticated tools. Brett provides insights on the most likely ways a small business would be attacked with special emphasis on Ransomware and extortion techniques. He then discusses how a small business owner can approach cybersecurity, just like a large company, by applying some basic principles of cyber hygiene techniques and defensive best practices. Brett explains to small business owners how they can evaluate opportunities to outsource their requirements to service providers, but with an understanding of the risks they incur when they trust someone else with the “crown jewels” of the business. Brett simplifies the concept of “the cloud” and prepares small business owners to make the best possible decisions to reduce the cyber risk to their business. The small business owner will walk out of this keynote with a clear plan of action that can be accomplished within their available resources.