The Challenge:

CIOs and CISOs regularly find themselves in the boardroom educating directors and senior executives on cybersecurity and advocating for the essential programs necessary to mitigate cyber-risk. The common complaint from the board, is the presentation and the metrics are not relevant to the business challenge or the language is too technical.

The Solution:

Brett Williams keynote for CIOs, CISOs and their staffs draws on his years of experience translating the technical jargon of cyberspace into language senior leaders can understand. Brett has made the case to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and, since retiring from the Air Force, he has conducted multiple cyber education sessions with boards across the United States as a faculty member with the National Association of Corporate Directors. He has worked in varied business sectors to include: energy, manufacturing, health care, insurance and financial services.

In this keynote, he provides insights for CIOs and CISOs on how to get their message across in a way that makes sense to senior executives. He will share how he discusses the threat and the consequences of a breach; the techniques he uses to explain how difficult it is to create a perfect defense; how to explain “the cloud;” methods to link investment to risk reduction; the Top 5 questions CEOs and Boards should ask their CIO and CISO and a variety of other tips for making your presentation resonate with the board. Every member of the audience will be better equipped and prepared the next time they find themselves in the boardroom.