The Challenge:

As business owners and as private citizens, we all rely on the U.S. Government to defend our interests against nation-state actors, terrorists and other advanced threat groups operating in cyberspace. The challenge is we do not understand what the government can or should do and it is hard to understand how we are to separate the hype from the things we should really be concerned about.

The Solution:

Brett Williams keynote draws on his extensive experience in the formative years of U.S. Cyber Command. In his position as the Director of Operations, he was responsible for the operations and defense of DoD networks and for planning offensive operations. His military experience coupled with his experience in the private sector make him the right speaker to articulate the challenges we face as a nation due to cyber threats. In this speech, Brett explains the strategic threats facing our country and their potential impact on critical infrastructure like our power grid and our water supply. He explains the role of the government vs the role of the private sector and helps the audience understand the challenges we face defining those distinct roles. Brett’s attendance at high level policy discussions during actual cyber-attacks, allows him to share insights and challenges facing the United States as it seeks to deter and defeat our adversaries in cyber space.