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Finding anomalies is easy, deriving alerts is hard.

Anomaly detection is a key component of next generation cybersecurity. And it doesn’t matter what kind of network it is–legacy enterprise, cloud-based or IoT-centric–once the “perimeter” is breached, a user’s credentials are compromised and a foothold achieved, the attacker will only be discovered by identifying

Cybersecurity—an essential element to every business decision

Companies with an effective cyber-risk culture understand there is a strategic balance to be struck between activities that generate revenue, the associated IT expense and managing cyber-risk.  Everyone understands how to get to the bottom line:  Revenue – Expense = Net Income.  Unfortunately, there can

CEO Leadership in the Age of Cyberspace

One thing that has surprised me since I left active duty as an Air Force Major General a little over two years ago, is the inconsistencies I see from company to company regarding the importance of leadership and organizational culture.  I recently have talked with